Future Projects

We will get new project in the short time


Current Projects

- Booyoung Town Project

- Sathapana Tower Project

Experienced Projects

- KB Bank Project (Bank)

- Wooyun Project (Factory)

- Vattanac Project (Office Building)

- Tomato Bank Project (Bank)

- Nanux Project (Factory)

- Aeon Mall I Project (Shopping Mall)

- Hong Kong Land Project (Office Building)

- Camko City Project (Villa)

- Camko City Project (Condominium R1)

- TK-Royal One Project (Office Building)

- Aeon Mall II Project (Shopping Mall)

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About Us

BITUS CO., LTD. Was established in Phnom Penh, is the kingdom of Cambodia since 2008 with the initially objective of making trade, business and investment in the commercial, construction and import export.


BITUS formally registered at the Ministry of Commerce with certificate No Co.5068E/2008.


Since its foundation as a Global Venture, BITUS has strengthened its position as a general construction company which covers construction, civil works, housing and remodeling factories. BITUS has been building a good reputation by satisfying our clients with superior quality and exceptional responsibility. BITUS has become one of the leading pioneers in construction sector in Cambodia.


We are aiming at a leading construction company in Cambodia though expanding our business areas and successfully finishing quality projects, eventual being a superior company leading 21st century Cambodian construction history.


BITUS will make every effort to be the world-class company with global competence through establishing a unique networking, advanced human resources management and technology.



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The Future of BITUS CO., LTD Construction Global Venture


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