Future Projects

We will get new project in the short time


Current Projects

- Booyoung Town Project

- Sathapana Tower Project

Experienced Projects

- KB Bank Project (Bank)

- Wooyun Project (Factory)

- Vattanac Project (Office Building)

- Tomato Bank Project (Bank)

- Nanux Project (Factory)

- Aeon Mall I Project (Shopping Mall)

- Hong Kong Land Project (Office Building)

- Camko City Project (Villa)

- Camko City Project (Condominium R1)

- TK-Royal One Project (Office Building)

- Aeon Mall II Project (Shopping Mall)

More Project Detail



Aeon Mall I Project

Period: 15 May 2013 - 31 May 2014
Scope of  Worked : 
-Brick and Plastering Work 
-Steel Work
-Tile Labor  Work 
-Space Frame Install Work
-Interior Work and M & E Work
-Remove Wall 
-Office and Gate


Masonary Work


Rock Breaking


Tile Work


Space Frame Install